The Story of the Sacred Fire Council House

In 2010 and 2011, many community members helped out as volunteers and laborers to build this beautiful eight-sided structure that provides light in the darkness and warmth in the cold.

In March 2012, we learned that this place helps community to experience the cycles of life together – through birth, baptism, initiation, marriage, planting, harvests, sickness, and death – finding the JOY present in everything.

Once upon a time, we 2 legged animals, called human people were losing our way. We came together on a grassy knoll surrounded by mountains, streams, forests. A fire was lit from that place ~ the wind, sun, rain ~ brought hope, connection, community and visions of a future growing together, living together. The light from the knoll reached out and inspired other fires to be built in fields, forests and hollows. There was a renewed sense of purpose of humanity in relation to self, to others and to non-human beings. Like a lighthouse, this place brought peace and healing and inspired others to do the same. And every new moon closest to the spring equinox there was dancing and feasting there.

We call that place Atsila galvquotiyu Tsunilawisdi adanelv ( Sacred Fire Council House: ah-gee-la ga-luh-kwo-tee-you dzoo-nee-la-wee-es-dee a-da-nay-luh)