The Sacred Fire Community (SFC) is an international community of over 60 local hamlets who gather around the fire on a regular basis and learn and grow together. We stand for the sacred and interconnected nature of all life. By gathering in community and re-establishing our relationship with sacred fire, we end the isolation of modern culture and build lives of meaning and purpose. Our vision is to develop deep community for the sake of personal and community well-being, and balanced relationship with nature. Please join us around the Fire.

Patrick Hanaway & Lisa Lichtig, your firekeepers

Community Fires: 2nd Saturday of Each Month
Fall and Winter: arrive 5:30 pm EST, potluck @ 6 pm, fire to follow
Spring and Summer: arrive 6:30 pm EST, potluck @ 7 pm, fire to follow

Women's Fires, Men's Fires, Young Adult Fires and Special events and offerings
Announced in our monthly newsletter and listed on our community calendar at

"The primary elemental force of Fire is present as a divine energy in all traditions.
It is the energy of our hearts, holding our deepest knowing and wisdom,
connecting us to each other and Divine"

The Story of Our Community Fires
Welcome to our Community Fire, a time each month to gather around the fire with friends, old and new.  We've been gathering around the fire together in the Asheville area regularly since 2000. Although, as human beings, we have gathered around fire for millennia for its light and warmth, to cook our food, to share our lives, tell our stories, and connect with ancient wisdom.  Our community fires are held by an initiated Firekeeper (hyperlink to SFC firekeeper page), a person with a life-long commitment who is trained in the way of Fire and community.  More than just a campfire, a Community Fire is an opportunity to connect to and experience the spiritual presence of Fire, externally and within. There is a feeling of warmth and connection as we sit with each other and connect to something deep within, to others, and to the world around us. This helps us to deepen into a sense of community that is so essential to support us through life.  Fortunately, we now have a beautiful and reliable fire structure that was built by our community.

Each Community Fire has a different flavor of spirit that is created by the ingredients of nature and the people who participate that evening. Come with your feelings - all of them are welcome.  Come with your stories, your play, your questions, your gifts, your expression.   Share whatever needs to be spoken or felt, and bring a willingness to listen to others and the world we are a part of.   There are no age or entry requirements: just come as you are.  You are welcome here.

What To Bring
  • A delicious dish to share for the potluck meal.
  • A story, poem, song, music, joke, questions, concerns, struggles to share around the fire.
  • Clothing to support you being outside, including a headlamp.
  • Friends, family, or children who would like to join us.
  • A donation to our community fund (there are no fees charged though we rely on donations to help sustain the necessary ingredients to offer these fires).
The Offerings
We open the Community Fire with gratitude in the form of offerings to the Fire. These offerings come from the tradition of the Huichol people of the Mexican Sierras, and Firekeepers have been grated permission to share this ceremony. They help us create a safe and sacred ritual space for gathering and opening our hearts to one another and the living world. These offerings of tobacco, chocolate, incense and wood will be provided, and offering them is optional for anyone who attends. Making offerings is a personal way to honor the evening's experience, to deepen the connection to one another and give thanks for the heart energy of Fire.

Our Hamlet's Hearth & Exchange
As we learn what it means to be in community and deepen our relationships, we begin to rediscover the importance of exchange. More than 10 years ago, the Asheville Hamlet Hearth was consecrated as a place for community to gather for social events, for healing, and for ritual. We have had many adventures with shelters, including the big pre-Christmas 'dump' of 2009! After that, we gathered without a roof for more than a year. We had 'heated' conversations about the shape and size of a new shelter. We listened to each other and expressed ourselves fully. Our relationships began to deepen.

One night the sky weighed in on the topic and revealed a huge round white circle surrounding the moon. Then a team of volunteers with skill and talent thoughtfully designed the new Fire Pavilion. The firekeepers generously funded the project as a gift to the community and as a way to honor Grandfather Fire's presence in our lives. Community members were employed and volunteered to create the beautiful home for Grandfather Fire and a place for community to gather and be inspired.  In March 2012, the new shelter was enlivened and consecrated ceremonially, given a traditional name which translates to "Sacred Fire Council House" and given its purpose  which is to be a beacon which inspire others.  

The Asheville Hamlet Hearth and Sacred Fire Council House sit on a gentle knoll where you can feel the wind and ancestors of all the directions.  It is a place to feel the energy of our hearts and each other more vividly.   This kind of nourishment helps use better serve and connect with the Divine expression of the world in our everyday lives.

Each time you come to the hearth - whether for a community fire, specialty fire, volunteer work or just having fun - please offer some type of exchange from your heart to the hearth to demonstrate gratitude for the value that Grandfather Fire provides in your life. Exchange includes time and/or money. Our Community Hear Exchange (CHE) fund is used to help support each other, as well as the infrastructure for the Asheville Hamlet; that is, wood, blankets, chairs, maintenance, etc. Please place your donations in the gourd or basket at the hearth or on the new community shelf inside the house. This spirit and energy of exchange will help our community to grow and our connections to deepen.  Please bring any questions or concerns about exchange and caring for each other to the Community Fire or Firekeepers.

What is the Sacred Fire Community?
We are people of all sizes and shapes, races and ages, and traditions. At the heart of our offerings are our community fires, held in over 60 areas, called hamlets, linked together into an evolving global community. When you sit by the fire with us, you’re warming up with over several thousand people in many countries.

What are we about?
In this time when many feel isolated and disconnected from each other, nature and the mystery of life, the SFC creates a place to warm up with the ancient energy of Fire, or Heart. While the SFC supports heart-focused paths and authentic ancestral traditions, we do not represent any one particular spiritual path or tradition. Instead, our fires, events and programs offer a process for connection and discovery that's open to people of any and all traditions, as well as people who don't have a tradition.

Community Offerings
In addition to the community fires, the SFC is involved in a number of projects that create additional opportunities for heart-felt connection, community, healing and transformation. You may be drawn to our Women's and Men's Retreats or want to find out more about our Lifeways programs which support people at each of life's stages, from birth through adolescence, adulthood, death and dying. Or come warm up with folks across the world at our annual Reunion and other gatherings. To find out more, visit

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