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Community Fires

As human beings, we have gathered around fire for millennia for its light and warmth, to cook our food, to share our lives, tell our stories, and connect.  Our community fires are a time each month to gather around the fire in all our diversity and humanity and see what unfolds with the support of Sacred Fire. The mystery of this process is ‘unscripted’, providing stimulation, learning opportunities, transformation and nourishment.

The community fires are held by an initiated firekeeper, a person with a life-long commitment to learning from fire, offering Sacred Fire and gathering community. These fires provide a space to begin connecting with one another, nature and the world around us; a place to begin to dig a little deeper and express what is really important to us; a place to experience the spiritual presence of Fire, externally and within.
Come with your concerns or questions, your play, your songs, your stories, your gifts, your laughter, your tears, your presence and your silence.   Each community fire has a different flavor or spirit that is created by the ingredients of the world around us, nature, and the people who participate that evening.

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  • November - March: Arrive @ 5 pm for set up, connecting with land and each other, Potluck @ 6 pm, Fire to follow.
  • April - October: Arrive @ 6 pm for set up, connecting with land and each other, Potluck@ 7 pm, Fire to follow.
  • Community Fires end around 11 pm - though you can leave at any time. 

Location: Sacred Fire Council House. Hear the spoken name of the Council House

Directions: We advise you use these  written directions rather than GPS which isn't always accurate. 

Spaceholder: Firekeepers ~ Patrick Hanaway or Lisa Lichtig,  firekeeper@sacredfireasheville.org. 828-713-1553 or 828-768-3302.

Cost: No set fee although donations are welcome to contribute to the costs of these offerings. 

Note - Everyone is a volunteer. Nobody receives $  for their service. Financial donations collected help to cover expenses.  

How you can help:

1. Bring a friend
2. Prepare the Council House with blankets, chairs, water, garbage can.  Clean windows if needed.
3. Fill the tiki torches and turn on ground and council house lights
4. Set out 3 parking signs - top of the road, entrance to # 90 and parking area.
5. Stack/split wood or Collect kindling
6. Welcome people
7. Play with the children
8. Volunteer in the kitchen - organizing potluck or with clean up
9. With permission, take photos to use in our newsletter