Young Womens Initiation

Specialty Fire
June 23, 2015 7:30 pm
Asheville Hamlet Council House

There are many people within the Asheville Hamlet who have participated as staff and as initiates within this Rite of Passage over the past 12 years.
Being together around the fire and sharing gratitude for the gift of Initiation within the Circle of Life IS a tremendous boon to everyone involved.

For those who are not familiar with the process of initiation and want to learn more:
  • The Sacred Fire Community (SFC) offers LifeWays programs for our times, from birth to death, that help our people connect and grow into becoming "fully human”.
  • When we lived in villages, young people were prepared in a conscious way to enter adulthood and experienced life changing movement from these rituals. 
  • Initiation is a natural part of the fabric of life and is essential for sustaining life for the next generations. 
  • We are filled with hope in knowing that an authentic initiation ritual is being remembered and is again available to our people. 
  • As we bring connection to the world through Fire, we will know that we all have a hand in the emergence of young adults to carry on this cycle of life.