Prosperity Ritual : Having What We Need

SFC Director of Lifeways, Sherry Boatright, will represent US, the Sacred Fire Community at this year’s ritual planting, we say US because, each of us, through our beating heart and longing for connection, is part of Sacred Fire.  Whether you have attended one of our sacred fires only once or are steeped in our community work, you have likely been touched by Grandfather Fire’s vision and contributed to bringing more heart and balance to the world.

The Prosperity Ritual engages specific spiritual energies, elements and prayers to bring forth abundance. It is centered around the corn cycle, including the planting, germinating, tending and harvesting of corn, followed by a celebratory community feast, the saving of seed and the sharing of seed with another.

“The very nature of this prosperity ritual creates opportunities, raises questions, invites reflection and brings forth an abundance of experiences related to prosperity.”
If you feel called to attend the prosperity ritual harvest in Mexico this fall,  please contact Sofia Arroyo who is the overall coordinator for the ritual this year.

There is value in simply reflecting on the nature of prosperity and sharing our experiences. What is abundance? Do you have insights about the nature of prosperity? Or the nature of giving? Is it already present and simply waiting to be recognized? Do you have a seed idea that can grow or nourish our local community? Do you have a story of prosperity that you’d like to share? Contact Christine Staub, Deer Thicket Firekeeper, Greensboro, NC